Rain, Rain Go Away - Tips for Running in the Rain!

With lots and lots of rain in the forecast, and many of you heading into a race tomorrow, here are some tips to get you through:

1.    Just accept you are going to be wet and set a positive mental attitude about it.

2.   Bring a few trash bags to the start to keep your body warm and dry (you can wrap your shoes too) until the race starts.

3.   Plan to wear tighter fitting clothes since they will be wet and prone to falling off/down or cause extra chaffing if they are too loose.

4.   BodyGlide everywhere you can including your feet– bring a travel sized glide and reapply right before the race starts.

5.    Put a dry set of clothes (including socks, gloves, a winter hat) in a sealed ziplock bag into your gear check bag.

6.   Wear a brimmed cap or visor to keep rain off your face and out of your eyes.

7.   DRINK even though you may feel less inclined to do so since your are soaked already.  Stay on your hydration/nutrition plan.

8.   Avoid running any crazy lines/jumping puddles just to avoid a little splash (you are already wet!)– especially if you are in a crowded section of the race– it’ll do more harm than good and possibly injure you or a runner behind you.

9.   Have fun– you’ve trained all summer for this race– don’t let some rain drops get in the way of all your good work!

10.  Did I mention BodyGlide?