A've Childrey

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I began my running journey in 2010. I was always athletic (basketball, softball) but never considered distance running to be enjoyable. As a single mom and a non-Maryland native, I wanted to find some outlet for taking a break from the everyday work, home, mom duties and make some new friends (maybe) along the way. I stumbled upon the BWC training group in Bel Air and decided, why not. I remember showing up to the training not knowing what I was getting myself into. I'd always hear "all you need is a pair of running shoes and get out there". Well I quickly learned 1) I did NOT have the right kind of running shoes and 2) I could indeed just get out there. I completed that training and ran my first 5K with no expectations of time, only to finish. I remember my training coach running with me and encouraging me the entire race. She said "This is your race, not mine. I'm here for ya."

Each year that passed, I ran a few 5Ks, then ran a few more. Wondered if I could run and 10K and completed it. Dared to challenge myself in 2013 to complete a 1/2 Marathon and lo and behold, I did. 

5 years later, I became a coach instead of a participant and reconnected with some of the trainers that started it all for me. I remembered that sense of accomplishment I felt during my 1st 5K and was eager to pay it forward. 

Being a part of the Charm City Training family has been personally rewarding particularly working side by side with my very first running coach/friend. I know what it felt like to be a newbie, to be unsure of myself and my abilities and to be curious about how far my legs would take me. My goal is to be the type of coach that reminds any individual that it is possible.