Aliya Reich

fells point 5k/10k coach

Aliya Pic.JPG

For most of her life, Aliya didn’t consider herself athletic at all (and, frankly, she still doesn’t; hand-eye coordination remains ever-elusive and the idea of rec league team sports gives her heart palpitations). But, after running the Baltimore Running Festival 5K on a whim with a friend in 2013, she walked past the Pacing for Parkinson’s charity tent, and her love of running was unexpectedly born.

Aliya’s mother has Parkinson’s Disease, as did both of her grandfathers, and so Pacing for Parkinson’s was of great interest to her. She started fundraising with the team in 2014 and ran the 5k at the Baltimore Running Festival – the first 5K she’d ever actually kinda sorta trained for – and she timidly graduated to the BRF half marathon in 2015 with P4P. That was when the running bug really bit, and she was hooked. Since then, she’s run 6 more half marathons, her first full marathon at the BRF in 2018, and a bunch of 10Ks and 10 milers in between…not to mention a whole lot of 5Ks: from Memorial Day weekend 2018 to Memorial Day weekend 2019, she successfully ran a 5K each day for the whole year!

What’s so great about running? First, hand-eye coordination isn’t necessary! In all seriousness though, Aliya loves the meditative aspect of running, how it clears the mind and can totally reset a day. Plus, it’s fun! (Even when it’s not.) It can be social or solitary, fast or slow, sunny or snowy – running is an activity that meets you where you are and is objectively the best, most awesome method of self-improvement. Aliya’s super excited about being a part of the Charm City Run training team and motivating new and experienced runners to be fearless in reaching for wild goals and to adore the sport as much as she does.

When Aliya isn’t running by herself, with November Project Baltimore, or with the intrepid CCR Rise & Run crew (Fells Point! Monday mornings! 6am!), she’s chairing the Pacing for Parkinson’s organizing committee, doing yoga or strength training, hanging out with her cat, eating mac & cheese or other vegetarian fare, and planning conferences full-time for an awesome little library nonprofit called CLIR+DLF.

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